‘…you’ve got the wrong boyfriend altogether.’

When I was a young man, I had an experience that profoundly changed my whole life and ministry. I had a meeting in North Germany. It was wonderful. The people responded to the Gospel. I was very very glad. At the end of the Service, I stood at the exit, shaking hands with the people as they left when suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart and said, “Behind you is a young lady that is about to leave.” I turned around and indeed there she was. I caught her by her arm; I said, “Excuse me, have you already received Jesus Christ as your Saviour?”
To my surprise, tears gushed out of her eyes.
She said, “No, I haven’t. I want to but I can’t.”
I said, “Why can’t you? Find salvation tonight in Jesus Christ.”
She said, “Because I’ve got a boyfriend who hates Jesus.”
I said, “Wait a minute! If you have a boyfriend who hates Jesus, you’ve got the wrong boyfriend altogether.”
She said, “No. But I love him so much. I love him so much. I love him so much.”
She pulled herself loose. She walked out of the door. It was night.
The next morning I sat at the breakfast table eating when a friend of mine rushed in and said, “Did you hear? Did you hear? Something terrible happened outside.”
I said, “What happened?”
It turned out that that very girl from the night before had been killed in an accident.
When I heard that, my breakfast got stuck in my throat. I slipped off my chair and I started to pray.
I said, “Oh Lord! Had I preached clear enough and with the necessary urgency!”
The Lord spoke to me, comforted me and said, “You have done everything you could have done!”
But still since that day I vowed to God that I’m going to preach the Gospel with all CLARITY and SIMPLICITY and URGENCY, that even a child could understand.
This transcription is an excerpt from Reinhard Bonnke’s Full Flame Series. Get in the flow at http://www.gettheflame.com.
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I just wanna be HOT!

A Psalm of Consecration, Dedication & Separation

I don’t wanna be cold…

No no no no

I don’t wanna be lukewarm

No no no no

I just wanna be HOT!

Yes, HOT!

Full of the FIRE of the Holy Ghost

Fervent in Spirit

Walking in the Light of His Word

And piercing through the darkness

I wanna shine brightly for God

With the Truth of His Word

Walking in His Glory

Showing forth His Praise

No no no no

No more cold

No no no no

No more lukewarmness

I don’t wanna be spewed

Out of the mouth of the I AM

I wanna be ONLY HOT!

Blazing HOT like the Sun

Yes, the Son of Righteousness!