Don’t WASTE your Vacation! (Part 5)

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4. Acquire a new skill

So, aside reading and writing, what other skill do you have? Can you code? How many words can you type per minute? Can you play any musical instrument? How are your driving skills? Can you speak in public?
 The key to acquiring any skill is to discover where your passion is. 

I learned the basics of coding during one of my vacations when I was in SHS. I visited and got very interested in all the wonderful things I could do with coding skills.
Same thing with designing; I stumbled upon one day after going through the tedium of using Photoshop and Illustrator. Now I can design just about anything, from certificates to complimentary cards (and they look professional).
Give me Microsoft Word and I can create just about anything that needs to be printed. How? I learnt! I acquired the skills! 
There are limitless opportunities available to you to learn a new skill on the Internet. Take advantage of it and use it to improve your skill set.
This may sound funny to you but I am on a mission to learn how to drive this vacation.
In today’s competitive corporate world, your certificate cannot make you stand out, because every graduate has one. Who will take that coveted job description? The one with a distinctive skill coupled with diligence! Be the best at whatever you can do. Remember Proverbs 22:29- it says the one who is diligent will serve before kings and not mere men.

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