The Love Challenge

One Friday morning, I was returning to the hall from a Telecoms class when I met a couple standing helplessly at the sidewalk around Sarbah Annex A. Two ladies were interacting with them when I saw them. However, as I passed by they began to leave the couple alone and pointed to me.


Apparently, the man and his wife needed some money for transport back home at Bubuashie so they asked the ladies, who also referred them to me. I almost thought to myself, “Oh Lord, not again!” because this was the second time this week I had met people like that asking for money.

So I began to interact with them and ask them questions. My conversation began with the woman who was carrying a beautiful baby girl. There was a stark contrast between the parents and their child. They looked worn out and dark. It was as though the devil had sapped all the joy out of them.

I knew I was there on a mission. So after I asked the questions and interacted with the women, I then turned to the man and began sharing the Gospel with him. I told him that God’s will is not for him to depend on people to supply his needs. Rather, he should believe that God is kind and big enough to supply his needs as well as the needs of others through him. He seemed amazed at my message. I also shared from my heart about the love of Jesus.

As I ministered to the man, his eyeballs turned red and teary. I was truly moved with compassion for him and his wife.

So I prayed with them. And led them to Christ.

Before I left, I asked of their names. Do you know what the woman’s name was?

Mariama Fuseini.

She was a Muslim and that was her day of salvation! Hallelujah! There was joy in heaven that morning! Glory!

I blessed them with some cash for their transport and gave them my number as well as two tracts. Interestingly, those two tracts had been in my pocket for almost a week and I hadn’t had any opportunity to share them with any lost person…but I had prayed each day for God to send the lost my way.

I give praise to God for such a wonderful experience. 

One important thing I learned as I was departing was that, “Jesus went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him.” (Acts 10:38)

I want to walk in Jesus’ steps! He said I’d do greater works than Him if I believe in Him, and so I can do nothing less (John 14:12).


One last thing: don’t ignore them when they call to you, asking you for alms, if you have to give. Give to them. Not only that- show them love! Let them know that Jesus is real and He loves them. Talk with them. Don’t be all cold and quiet on them and bounce the money at them- that’s not honourable. 

On this earth, you are God’s representative; that’s why He said you’re the light of the world- let your light shine (2 Corinthians 5:20; Matthew 5:14-16).

Be generous both with your money and with the Gospel. Don’t keep the Good News to yourself and give them money only. And don’t keep the money to yourself and give them the Good News only. Also don’t deprive them of both!
I know… you may be thinking, “But some of these people can deceive oo…” Well, the truth is that you can discern it by the Spirit if they are deceiving you and use of the rod of correction… that’s why you should go a step further by talking to them; you may not have enough time on your hands but you can carry tracts with you everywhere you go- add the money to the tracts and insist that they read them.

If they’re going to see rays of hope permeating into their lives, you’ll have to demonstrate God’s love to them.


Have you experienced the full extent of God’s love yet?

Jesus is calling you to Himself! Come to Him today!

You’re always welcome to Rhema:

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