Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

I had an interesting experience some weeks ago on my return from Kumasi. We stopped at a Filling Station to take a leak, grab some food, stretch and so on and so forth.
I sat for a while before deciding to go out. Initially I did not want to. But there was this wrestling match in my mind. What was it about? Cashew, of course. Whether to buy some cashew or not was the battle in my mind. I eventually decided to go and get it. After all, who goes to Kumasi and does not return to Accra with some cashew nuts? Certainly not me!
So I went into the shop and saw the price tag. I thought to myself, “What’s with the price spikes?” Because my budget could not meet what was being offered on the shelf, I told the attendant that the positioning of the shop looked different this time, to which he responded that they had another shop further up. My knack for bargaining had been aroused. So I trudged to that other shop- which was a couple of hundred metres away. I checked the price in that shop and it was the same as the other. Shoot! I didn’t see that one coming.
Meanwhile, my tummy was rumbling and really agitating me. So I forgot about the cashew and attended to that more pressing issue at hand- going to the loo.
After some time of reflection and easing myself, I got out and started towards the bus. In my mind, I said to myself, “That bus cannot leave me here. Besides, in the morning the attendant in the bus I boarded did a head count. I couldn’t possibly be left behind.”
When I got there, there it was- no bus. Whoa! That’s a low blow! They had left me! A whole me! Didn’t that lady with the baby sitting beside me notice my absence? Did she not observe that my bag and newly purchased blanket were there? Couldn’t she have sounded the alarm that someone else had not yet returned to the bus? Well, of what use was it?
I kept my composure and walked up to one of the attendants at the filling station to notify him of my missing my bus. He was so gracious. He led me to a desk where they kept some records. Fortunately, I still had my bus ticket with me. So I showed it to him. He would have called the driver of my bus but apparently he did not readily have his number.
Now, I was praying in my heart, ,”Lord, please keep my bag and it’s contents safe.” On the other hand, I was thinking about the worst that could happen- what if the bag is taken or some of its contents are removed? But of course, you may already know that most “what ifs” project fear.
So a conductor from one of the arriving buses came by and this gracious attendant showed him my ticket. The conductor agreed for me to join their bus and we set off, journeying for Accra. I was giving thanks unto the Lord as we moved and I was anticipating that my bag and its contents would be intact when I approached the bus upon arrival at Circle. I had one of my phones with me so I kept calling the other phone (which I had left in the bag and was set to vibration) in hopes that someone would feel the vibe and pick it up so we could negotiate. Was I becoming desperate already?
Well, after two hours or so which seemed like an eternity, we arrived at Circle. I immediately dashed out of the bus and began scanning through the number plates of the parked buses. As I was looking at the number plates, another thought crossed my mind: “What if after they arrived, they got passengers bound for Kumasi and have made their way for Kumasi again already?!”
But I kept moving. There it was! The lights were still on in the bus. The engine was still revving. The driver was also in his seat. I walked into the bus and told him about my bag. He said, “Oh! You are the one we left. So sorry.” I was not really interested in his apology. All along, all I wanted was to get my bag back. It sat in my seat comfortably- only that it had been opened. Apparently, they searched it to know if there was any money in it. Well, what was in it was worth more than any money you could think of: my laptop, two new books I bought at a filling station, my vade mecum, and Pringles!
I was so glad that everything was in it! Glory to God!
A couple of lessons to note:
# Never be complacent.
# Never assume based on a previous experience.
# Always be thankful.
# Be anxious for nothing.
# Think quick. Decide quickly.
# Many are the devices in a man’s heart but the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand! (That was my verse for that day actually- Proverbs 19:21).

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