Don’t be daunted by failure

My dear five year-old niece was playing a racing game as she sat on my lap. She got three stars initially and was overly excited. I asked her to clap for herself and give me a high-five. She did and was beaming with unexplainable happiness.
Then I encouraged her to play and win again. She played again and this time she got two stars. She kept playing and kept getting two stars. Now she was bothered and unhappy and she was almost crying. She said, “I can’t do it.” I said, “You can do it.”

Besides, it was her own record she had to beat. She simply was not aware that she had to beat the initial time she had previously set for herself with the three stars.
Now she was scared and discouraged and gave me the phone. She no longer wanted to play the game.

I learnt some lessons from this:
# The fact that you won the first time does not mean that if you fail subsequently there’s something wrong with you.

# Often, it is the persistent efforts that you put in that will yield  unimaginably excellent results.

# Don’t be moved by repetitive failures and give up. It is only an indication that you have to change your strategy. When you change your strategy, you will have different results. This reminds me of Dr. Mensa Otabil’s keynote message at Springboard 2017 last month. He said times may change, situations may change but your objective must remain the same- to win- only your strategy must be altered to suit the situation at hand.

So, persevere, rise up from that last fall.

Remember that, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” (Proverbs 24:16).


You can do it!
Christ enables you!
Do you have Him living in you?

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