Be the BEST version of YOU!

In the animated movie entitled, Zootopia, a rabbit named Judy Hopps becomes a police officer- something that rabbits never became. They said a bunny did not stand any chance of becoming a police officer. Even her parents discouraged her, saying, “You just have to let go off your dreams.” 

Nonetheless, Hopps thought otherwise and disabused their minds of that stereotype- literally defying the impossible before the entire animal kingdom.

One particular instance of the movie that caught my attention as an object lesson was the fact that on her first day on duty, Hopps was asked to go to the streets and issue 100 speed tickets. Do you know what she said to herself?

“No. I won’t issue 100 speed tickets! I will do 200 tickets…before noon,” she said with a cute bunny grin across her face.

Do you know that she did the 200 tickets before noon? Yes, she did!

I have been reflecting on that scene of the movie and I settle on the conclusion that Hopps was specific about her goal. She was passionate about the work.

Today, it’s your turn to be an ‘outstanding bunny’ in your environment. Exceed the expectations of your superiors for your own sake. Let your creativity emerge.

Remember to do anything you are doing as unto the Lord not unto men; do it with all your heart. Give it your all. Simply focus. Don’t let the opposing voices limit your potential. Let your passion within you spark up new energy to be better and do better than you were and you did previously!

At the end of the day, what will really matter is hitting the mark. That mark is the cross of Christ. Don’t sway to the right or to the left. Believe in the Name of Jesus and you will be saved! He is the target – the object of your love!

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